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Interview – Přemysl Kovář

02 Dec 2018

Slowly but surely, the winter break is approaching - a period of preparations, big transfers, but also a time for rest and a time for unforgettable farewells. He himself will tell us how Přemek Kovář from Slávka is doing at the moment, as he is another personality we interviewed for you.

Hello Prémo, most of us goalkeepers know you as a former support of Slovan or as a league and cup winner at Slavia. But few people know that you also visited clubs in Greece, Israel or Bulgaria. Which times do you remember best and which period brought you the most fruit?

Hi, it's really hard to say from the floor. I am very grateful for my time in Liberec, I actually got my first real opportunity there, I was distracted from my previous engagements, so I grabbed such a chance by the scruff of the neck. Overall, I only got this kind of opportunity at a much later age than most league goalkeepers, so the fact that we immediately took 3rd place and advanced to the Europa League was just the icing on the cake. At that time, I took Israeli Haifa as something completely new. It's hard to describe the experiences there, it's just a different world, in any case, now with the passage of time I have to say that my family and I enjoyed it a lot and the experiences there are definitely not to be thrown away. After one season in Bulgaria, I received an offer from Slavia, which I could not refuse. And even if I don't have a certain number one position, I'm catching a leading Czech club with a great history. In addition, now we have stepped on other results..

Let's stay in Prague. What is it like to be part of something as big as Slavia?

When we were little, we looked at such divisions as if they were gods. Few see the enormous work that is hidden in all this, whether from an individual or collective point of view. Anyway, I can't help but mention one name here - coach Šilhavý. He approached me when I was catching Černo More and my answer was an immediate yes. Because I'm a boy from the village, it was not only my dream to play for a club like this one day, it was the dream of all the other boys I knew, but now I'm here... I can't complain about anything. The fall went great for us, I'm always ready, I give 120% to every training, because it doesn't work any other way here. This healthy competition just works.

Are you waiting for a farewell after finishing the autumn part? What does such a meeting roughly look like?

If we manage to get something bigger, of course we will celebrate it properly. The league's new model has stretched the season into December, meaning our break is really short. But we will definitely go to dinner with the guys, after all we do that almost after every round, we analyze things that went well and what needs to be improved. In any case, family and vacations take priority during this period.

Most teams from the first league leave for the winter break to warm countries to prepare, I assume that it will be no different for you. Where are you going? Are you excited?

Nowadays, it works like this almost everywhere, that you go somewhere for warmth. Even though we have technologies such as artificial grass or heating, it is in the interest of the entire implementation team to go somewhere. We are leaving for Spain on January 3rd, a ten-day training camp awaits us. And of course I'm looking forward to it, every year it's a great experience.

Is it possible that Pepa Hušbauer would start in goal from the spring? According to the video on social networks, he has sufficient prerequisites for this.

Well, he could try! (laughs) We will probably film some big goalkeeper training, maybe there is a hidden talent in it. It amazes me how well it sticks to him, how many times it looks like he was born with gloves.

How many pairs of gloves do you need for such a preparation? Do you take care of them there yourself? And do you already know which models you will take with you?

I usually take around 4 pairs. I take care of all of them completely myself, from the first soaking, through washing to drying. I wouldn't touch them. As for the models, I have never stuck to one design, I really like to combine it and even have something special to prepare. But my favorite is the one with the red star, it goes with my set.

Playstation tournaments certainly belong to such preparation. Do you get involved or do you leave it to younger teammates? How do you spend your evenings if you have time off?

I'm not going to lie, something like this is bound to happen and I'm happy to be involved. Although I usually leave it to the younger guys, I have to point out that this year I bought FIFU and I train honestly at home with my wife! Unfortunately, the younger ones have recorded much more, but we'll see, maybe I'll surprise them with some trick. As for the evenings, how many times are we happy to lie down and sleep. Most often we play cards, poker and the like, or watch movies.

Christmas time is slowly but surely approaching. Are you picking out your gifts already, or are you leaving it to the last minute like most guys?

I believe that Santa brings gifts. (loud laugh)

The lingering question? What do you want most under the tree?

This is a very difficult question, one cannot say what one wants. I have something in my head, but it must not be shouted. For me, the most important thing is to be able to be with my family, we were all healthy and happy, because that's what Christmas is all about.

Thank you very much for the great interview, I wish you much success in the future, may you really find what you would like under the tree, and may you also play something on the Playstation! Do you have any final words for our readers?

Thank you for a great interview. I just hope that everyone enjoys the holidays, that the end of the season works out for them and that they find exactly what they want under the tree, maybe a pair of new BUs.

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