A month to two. But the result is always top notch. The first one.


Your ideas

You place an order and within 2 working days you will receive a few clarifying questions from us. And if until now you had only vague ideas, now everything will become clearer.


Our proposal

Cut, foam, fastening - with the right combination, we create a fine-tuned whole, which our graphic designer will bring to perfection. In short, Photoshop won't close until you're happy with your gloves.


Common result

Once we have agreed on everything, we will put the gloves into production. Sometimes it's quick for 4 weeks , other times it stretches for 2 months. But you'll see. We'll give you an echo when it flies at you.

Of course - you pay extra for one or two pairs. But the more gloves you order , the lower the price per pair. And lower and lower… until it's completely normal.

Number of pairs Price for 1 pair
1-4 2,990 CZK
5-9 2,490 CZK
10-19 1,990 CZK
20 or more CZK 1,490
Jedna chyba a už se vezete. Než uděláte objednávku, raději si ještě přečtěte, jak vybrat správnou velikost, střih a pěnu. A pokud v tom pořád budete tápat, tak prostě zavolejte – probereme to.

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Custom BU1 gloves already have dozens of clubs and clouds of individuals. Not you yet?

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