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If you choose the wrong size, the others don't matter anymore. Everything will be wrong from the beginning.

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More feeling for the ball or, on the contrary, good paws against hard shots? You have 4 cuts to choose from.

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The material of the palm will determine how hard you catch a blow or how well you can perform certain interventions when wet.


Measure the width of your palm

Really do it. Especially if you are getting your first BU1 gloves . Each manufacturer has a different cut and the sizes may not match.

There is no single best cut. But there is a best fit for you. So look for one that meets your expectations.


4 mm of professional foam , which even sticks the cannon from behind the lime. And without spraining your thumb. This is the basis of all BU1 gloves .

Contact Grip

Great in the wet and incredibly durable. Gloves with this foam are used by many goalkeepers even on artificial grass - even though they are not designed for this. The choice of Filip Rada from Dukla Prague, Dominik Holc from Sparta or Přemysl Kovář from Slavia.

models with contact foam

Giga Grip

Pleasantly soft foam that cushions even the biggest wounds . In addition, he perfectly holds the ball in his hands. Honza Laštůvka from Baník Ostrava or Roman Valeš from Bohemians Praha have already covered a number of decent pumice stones with it.

models with giga foam

BU1 T1

Our own professional foam with perfect grip, pleasant cushioning and a slightly different design. So the color spots on the palms were not caused by carelessness in painting the warehouse. Do you believe us? Jan Čtvrtečka from Dukla Prague yes.

models with BU1 grip foam

BU1 T2

It has similar properties to Giga Grip foam, but is a lot cheaper. That's why we put it on junior gloves - so that even young guys can catch like professionals.

models with BU1 grip foam