The foam is full of soap residues from production. But soapy gloves are only good for opponents. So peel off the foil from them and throw them straight into the washing machine.

Keep the foam moist on the court

Just to be sure, we'll say it again - only clean gloves work best. It won't stick very well with dirty ones. So take care of them after each use.
If you don't want to ruin your gloves, then no brushes and sponges. Only their own hands and a sink - that's the lot of goalkeepers.
Let the gloves soak in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes .
Apply BU1 shampoo to the palm of your hand and massage it into a lather with your fingers. Especially where there is the most dirt.
Immerse the gloves in water, rinse them and let them soak for another 5 minutes.
In clean water, squeeze the remaining shampoo out of the gloves and gently squeeze them in your hands. You can wrap them in a towel and squeeze the moisture into it.

Everyone says: "Not in the washing machine!" But our experience is different - you can never get out of the gloves with your hands what the washing machine washes off. Lower the temperature to 30 °C and, above all, leave out fabric softener. Use only shampoo. And wringing? Calmly. The centrifuge has never harmed anyone.

Washing machine heat laundry detergent
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Contact Grip

Allow the gloves to dry in the shade and at room temperature. Direct heat sources like a radiator or the sun outside on a dryer reduce the grip of the foam - and thus your chance of catching the ball properly.

Drying in a horizontal position is then better than hanging the gloves. This will preserve their shape and cut. Therefore, just lay them on a towel or dryer.

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Hide them in the right place

UV radiation is the bane of foam. Sunlight or light from fluorescent lamps reduce its adhesion and lifespan. Therefore, hide the clean gloves in the packaging and store them in a cool, dry and shady place - for example in a cupboard.

Store your gloves this way even during a season break or injury break.