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About custom goalkeeper gloves

24 Nov 2018

We are getting more and more ideas from you about what design our new gloves should have, whether it is gloves for your mother's club or a piece just for your personal collection. However, because the development of new models is demanding both in time and psychologically for us, we cannot listen to every wish. But there is one solution. Get your gloves custom made!

How to start with the idea of ​​own gloves?

First, decide if you're really going to do it. It takes several weeks to create the gloves according to your wishes, but mainly it will take a lot of effort from both sides. In addition, the production of a completely new pair is very technologically demanding, and therefore the final price depends on the quantity of gloves you purchase. The first thing you will need is a vision. If you want gloves for a children's indoor tournament or gloves for the "A" goalkeepers from your team, the most often chosen design is a large logo across the top of the glove. If you want a model just for you, your options are of course much greater. In any case, we will be happy to advise you on the choice and correct selection of everything around you in both cases.

What are you able to create?

It can be said that almost everything. Each model of our gloves is fully configurable, so you can choose from many color combinations, choose the closure that suits you best, choose the foam that you think sticks best. Or perhaps you want a different quote from your favorite goalkeeper legend on each glove? Not a problem!

What do such custom gloves look like?

The custom made gloves we make are truly diverse. Most often, we make models for teams, whether in the first league or from lower competitions, who purchase them for their youth. Among the "handles" according to your wishes, there are also models for goalkeeper schools or simply for those of you who want an original piece. You can see examples of models in the gallery below.

So how does the order itself take place and what does production entail?

The easiest option is to add the product found in this article below to the cart. After payment, we will get in touch and you will tell us your opinion and vision. After we agree on the full basics, we commission our graphic designer to create the first draft. This will mainly serve as a graphic example of how the product will look. You can comment on this proposal as you like so that we arrive at a final product that will look exactly as you expect. A big plus is that creating a design by a graphic artist is free, so you don't have to worry that we won't arrive at your dream gloves together. After all the configurations have been agreed upon, i.e. the choice of fastening, latex, cut, etc., we can get to work. We cannot forget that custom made gloves require payment in advance. This is to make sure that you are really interested in the gloves of your dreams. Well, now there's nothing left to do but wait for that unique and original piece to arrive in your hands!

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