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Gloves on artificial surfaces

11 Dec 2018

Every day we get questions about which of our models are the best for artists or other non-natural surfaces. So if you use or will use gloves on artificial surfaces, you should know a few things that may not be so widely known. And today we will talk a little about them...

Too much of everything is harmful

Be prepared for artificial surface gloves to take a lot of work. That is why we cannot recommend their use on fields other than natural grass, the gloves are not built for such a huge impact, but we will not lie, a lot of players, including professionals, use them on artists. But how to make sure that after a few training sessions they don't look like after the third played season? The answer is simple - take care.

Rubber, sand? All gone!

The most important aspect of glove care used on artificial surfaces is immediate rinsing and manual removal of large dirt after performance. This means that all grains of rubber, sand, dust from the decking in the hall, pebbles from concrete will have to be removed from the latex.
The gloves should then be washed in the same way as after normal use.
Last but not least is their rest. Let the gloves dry with the back down to give the latex a chance to rest and regain strength.

Refined technique is required

One of the most important things is to be really careful when moving fast. Lifts, falls, running out, jumping under your feet, everything can end up with torn latex all the way through, if handled carelessly, and nobody wants that... That's why you need to lift yourself up so-called "through your fists". What does it mean? For example, when you get up from lying down, try to pick yourself up with a closed palm, resting the back of the glove against the surface of the artificial grass, which is not as susceptible to damage as the soft latex.

What does this imply?

Care, care and care. Goalkeeper gloves are not and never will be for artificial grass, but with good handling, important careful technique and quality care, your gloves will definitely survive the winter. But don't forget that we cannot claim damages caused by careless use on an artificial surface.

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