Junior BU1 Classic

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The Junior Classic model is all white with a large BU1 emblem printed on the back of the glove.

Color: White
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Junior BU1 Classic

Junior BU1 Classic


Junior BU1 Classic

Size: 4

    Junior BU1 Classic

    Soccer goalkeeper gloves Junior BU1 Classic NC

    Model inspired by the popular senior model


    Latex and precisely formed fingers ensure pleasant wearing comfort, perfect grip and great contact with the ball. Cut NC - Negative Cut .


    Great Super Soft 4mm foam, it will provide the child with perfect protection and features like the male models.

    Switching on

    Unique simple fastening. The fastening is made of foam so that the glove fits perfectly on the hand. The gloves are designed for grass courts. Using gloves on artificial grass, concrete and surfaces other than grass greatly reduces the life of the glove.

    Precisely shaped fingers

    This isn't some insensitive slapstick. On the contrary – thanks to the NC cut of the glove they hug the fingers tightly and guarantee perfect contact with the ball.

    T2: foam for juniors and training

    When we developed it, we pushed the price down, but from great single grip we didn't want to compromise too much. We finally found the right balance between performance and price, and this 3.5mm thick foam is the right choice for junior and training models. In any case, you also need her take care of properly.

    Simple foam fastening

    The foam strap integrated directly into the body of the glove can be tightened once or twice as needed. And the gloves don't even bend on the hands.

    For grass pitches only

    Catching on concrete, artificial grass or in the hall will destroy the gloves quickly and they will last only a few weeks.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jiří Hamernik

    Nejlepší rukavice od BU1 hodně pěny vydrží hodně prostě super rukavice


    Tak co musím říct!!dalsi petalice,fakt i když jsou jen bílé tak musím říct ze jsem asi si je nejvíc oblíbil!!proste další topovka už se nemuzu dočkat k Vánocům na další rukavice a spoustu oblečení!!fakt super všem doporučuji!!👍🏻🧤


    Rukavice vypadají skvěle. Kvalita je na špičkové úrovni. Syn je velice spokojený. Děkujeme


    Zdravím rukavice i přístup je naprosto profesionální děkuji

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