BU1 Army NC

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  • NC cut
  • Body made of strong and really resistant material "Breathaprene"
  • Contact grip foam 4mm in black
  • Removable straps in two variants – single and double
Color: Army
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BU1 Army NC

BU1 Army NC

$91.00 $73.00

BU1 Army NC

$91.00 $73.00
Size: 10.5

    BU1 Army NC

    The new Army gloves are made of the highest quality materials. The body of the glove is elongated to better fit the hand and at the same time it is made of the best materials that guarantee a long life and real comfort.

    The reinforced part from the wrist to the palm will extend the life of the gloves and increase comfort when catching and throwing balls.

    Precisely shaped fingers

    This isn't some insensitive slapstick. On the contrary – thanks to the NC cut of the glove they hug the fingers tightly and guarantee perfect contact with the ball.

    Foam for all conditions

    Dry or wet? The weather doesn't matter when you have 4 mm Contact Grip professional foam on your palms. It is even so durable that many do not hesitate to wear these gloves even on an artist - even though they are not intended for that. Anyway, you'll never catch much without proper care.

    Two removable straps

    You can choose from two removable straps depending on how tight you want your wrist to be when catching. Single wrap strap is more flexible. Belt for two wraps will strengthen your hands in such a way that even a cannon from behind the goal will not break them.

    For grass pitches only

    Catching on concrete, artificial grass or in the hall will destroy the gloves quickly and they will last only a few weeks.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Výborný … lepí skvele…

    Jitka Petrová

    Objednané rukavice přišly rychle a drobná vada byla vyřešena nadstandartně a obratem, komunikace vstřícná a taktéž rychlá. Syn jako uživatel rukavic je nadšený. Doporučuji vřele!

    Barbora Růžičková

    Perfektní model :) Doporučuji!!


    Naprostá spokojenost, pěna lepí luxusně, zbytek rukavice je taky super, za tu cenu opravdu slušná práce. Doporučuji


    Jako vždy veliká spokojenost. Vřele doporučuji.

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