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What have we prepared for Christmas?

20 Nov 2019

Hello and good day, you may have noticed that we have recently launched new products. We would like to introduce them all to you now.

Shampoo for gloves

Shampoo for gloves it will help you with maintenance, which we constantly struggle with. We still encounter goalkeepers who have no idea that they have to take care of their gloves.

Just a reminder, we have a page right on our website How to care for gloves .

Especially now, when the winter preparation is approaching, you simply have to take care of the gloves, because the artist destroys the gloves a lot.

When you order all of our gloves, you have the option to buy shampoo 100 CZK cheaper (i.e. for 190 CZK).

Glove bag

A glove bag is a great addition. It will help protect your gloves in your bag, and you can also have your name printed on the bag, so everyone will know it's yours.

The bag fits two pairs of gloves and also has a small pocket for small items such as duct tape.

Well, here we have two backpacks and one huge bag. The sports backpack has a special space for shoes and the Top Roll backpack is a stylish bag with lots of pockets. The bag is really light and at the same time it fits a lot of things. But see for yourself.

In addition to the things mentioned above, we have a full stock, so we ship all orders immediately or almost immediately (except for pairs that are written out of stock).

Well, if you really couldn't choose, then just buy gift coupons and choose later or stick them under someone's tree.

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