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The road to triumph: Interview with the winning goalkeeper of the Czech University Championship

30 Nov 2023

The road to triumph: An interview with the winning goalkeeper of the Czech University Championship and his journey to the European Championship

There are moments in the world of football that are etched in fans' memories, whether it be decisive saves, last-second goals or historic triumphs. For one of our customers, this moment became a reality. With his success in the final of the University Championship, which you could watch live via CT Sport, he earned the opportunity to represent his country at the upcoming European Championships. Read our interview with Michal Svoboda, whose passion for football is infectious.

Hi, winner of the university league and champion of the Czech Republic, it's good to write and certainly good to listen to. How does it feel?

Hi, great! I didn't foresee this in my dreams as a newcomer to the league at the start of the competition, as time went on after the group stage I started to believe it, we had a great team to do it.

There was a moment that was really tough, but in the end you said to yourself: "Yeah, I've done it!"

After the quarter-final match in Brno against last year's champions, when we brought the promotion to the Final4, I knew we were going to win the competition already.

What was the hardest thing for you personally?

For me, definitely the final, I felt at ease and calm throughout the competition, but after all, with a home final, first year of university in the league, lots of people, friends in the stands and around, I didn't want to make a mistake.

Do you have any rituals or special preparation before the game?

I throw down the first left glove, but that's more of a habit and automatic than a ritual. Otherwise it's the same every time, maybe not missing Alpa for the game!

How long have you been catching in our gloves? Have you had multiple models? Or what is your favourite?

I have been fishing in BU1 gloves since 2018, I have tried other brands in between but BU1 has always convinced me the most about the quality, it has no competition on the market. The most popular model is the Signal range.

How satisfied are you with our gloves? Would you recommend them further?

Maximum. BU1 has never let me down in both price and performance. Great foam, looks, fits the hand beautifully, specifically for me the Signal line. I wouldn't change and can only recommend to everyone.

Michal lifting the trophy for the Czech Championship winner.

Do you have anyone who inspires or influences you in the goalkeeping role?

Most of my influences and influences are my dad, who has been a goalkeeper all his life. By the way, the model he liked the most was Classic. :)

How are you looking forward to the upcoming European Championships? When is it even taking place?

I can't wait, it's taking place in Hungary 12 July - 24 July 2024. I'm curious to see how it will compare to other universities in Europe.


Congratulations to Michal on his amazing achievement and best of luck for the upcoming European Championships.

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