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The collaboration between the BU1 Football Academy and Stavby LJ

30 Jan 2024

Stavby LJ: Support for BU1 Football Academy and its development

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Stavby LJ, which has become a sponsor of our BU1 academy. This collaboration is a tremendous honor for us, as we share with our partner a passion for the development of children and youth.

Investing in the future of young football talents

Thanks to the generous support from Stavby LJ, we are able to provide an even better environment for the development of our young talents. Together, we can take our academy to a new level and help children reach their full potential, both on the field and in their personal growth.

Partnership for the development of young football talents

This partnership is not just about financial support but about a shared goal - investing in the future of our youth. We are grateful for this opportunity and excited to contribute together to positive changes in the lives of our children.

If, like us, you are passionate about developing young talents and are interested in becoming part of this partnership, join us and our partner, Stavby LJ. Together, we have the opportunity to create something exceptional for future generations.

Lukáš Jančík and Denisa Jančíková, founders and owners of Stavby LJ, state: "The BU1 Academy convinced us not only because the coaches are excellent and dedicated to the children, but above all because they have their hearts in the right place. Who could better utilize the resources than the youth and children? We want children to have the opportunity to be outdoors, run, and laugh, to create beautiful childhood memories. We are confident that the money is in good hands and will be carefully used for the right purpose."

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