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How was 2018 for BU1

24 Jan 2019

Another year has passed. Another year full of lifted trophies and caught goals. Many of you joined our goalkeeper family just last year. On the contrary, some of you have been with us since the very beginning and follow every new innovation, every new model... And we would like to show you all what 2018 was like for us with this infographic!

Last year was without a doubt our most successful to date. We came up with many innovations, and the most important one was the introduction of "halves" . Yes, the introduction of half sizes was something that not only you, but also we have longed for for quite a long time. After all, every hand is different, and since we want to make the best gloves in the world, it is necessary to accommodate each such hand as much as possible. Still, she stayed the best-selling size nine . This makes up almost a quarter of all orders. It is also of great interest that children's sizes are not far behind . The best-selling children's size is the six, which accounted for almost one-seventh of all gloves sold. You can see a more detailed chart showing the percentages of each size below:

Size chart

Size chart

As for the models themselves, we really did not slack off last year. Not only did we show the new model range Signal , which was immediately liked by a large number of footballers, both amateur and professional, but we have improved several others. It is worth mentioning, for example changing the strap for the Classic model , which we replaced with a solid neoprene one. Big changes were also made An All Black model that received a facelift. It is this model that leads the sales figures, although the Sunshine model is close behind. Another big change was the introduction of two highly sought-after models, and that was it Blue and Black and White . In total, we ended 2018 with 45 different models . You can view the sales of our gloves in detail on the chart below:

Chart of models

Chart of models

Big changes have also occurred in cuts. So not entirely from our side, rather from yours. More and more goalkeepers are trying our hybrid cuts, which, as you can see, seem to have worked well. Sales are still dominated by the popular one Negative Cut , however Hybrid Cut he catches up very quickly. The first of the graphs shows only the Czechoslovak market, the second the global one.

BU1 haircuts in Central Europe and the world

Well, now let's take a look at the sales figures mentioned several times. What needs to be mentioned is that the number also includes pairs sold wholesale, to football clubs and goalkeeping schools. Of course, the main share is gloves sold via the e-shop or at our office :) The total number of gloves sold by us in 2018 is more than 12,000 pairs . Unreal number! Well, where do we put all these paws? We will be happy to show you that! Our gloves work magic on lawns from half the world . We sold products to countries of all continents except for Antarctica, and the number of countries where our products have already taken a peek is constantly increasing. As of January 2019, the map looks like this: (countries where we sold at least 1 pair are marked in pink).

BU1 states the order

Orders of BU1 gloves from the world

Great, right? Whatever we do, we are satisfied, but we are not going to rest on our laurels. We are preparing many more novelties for 2019. Well, you'll see for yourself...

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