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How to maintain yourself at home - David Švacha

19 Mar 2020

Thanks to the fact that now you can't train, the sports grounds are supposed to be closed, a situation arises where you just sit at home, watch Netflix and eat. Or not?:-))

That's why we put our heads together and came up with a series on how to keep yourself at home.

The first video was shot for us by our super friend David Švacha - . David is the owner of a fitness center , personal trainer, has experience in MMA. He is also a professional soldier with experience in Afghanistan and works as a combat training and close combat instructor. Well, he's just clever and you can see what he can do on his website.

If you are preparing at home, feel free to send us a similar video, we will be happy to upload it to our YouTube channel and present it to the goalkeeper world :-)

So, now for the home video and instructions:

  • First exercise – 2 x 12 repetitions
  • Types of exercises – 2 x 12 left leg 2 x 12 right leg
  • Third exercise – 2 x 8 again each side
  • Fourth exercise - 2 x 10 standing up on the left leg and 2 x 10 standing up on the right leg
  • Fifth exercise – 4 x 8 jumps
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