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BU1 goalkeeper camp 2021 in Háj in Silesia

29 Jun 2021

Goalkeeper camp #BU1ACADEMY in cooperation with Baník Ostrava, it will be held this time in Háj in Silesia for the years 2010 – 2003.

Event date: Sunday 11.7. 2021 – Saturday 17.7. 2021
Venue: areal TJ Háj ve Slezsko, U hříže 244, 747 92 Háj ve Slezsko

Start: Sunday 11/07/2021 9:30 a.m. TJ Háj field in Silesia

Departure: Saturday 17/07/2021 1:00 p.m. TJ Háj playground in Silesia

The price of the goalkeeper camp is CZK 12,490

Occupancy: 15/16

In the price of the camp, you will receive goalkeeper equipment worth more than 9000 CZK:

  • goalkeeper gloves BU1,
  • BU1 jersey,
  • BU1 shorts,
  • match ball BU1,
  • reinforced leggings BU1,
  • 2x walking T-shirt BU1,
  • 1x sweatshirt BU1,
  • goalkeeper sweatpants BU1,
  • goalkeeper shorts BU1,
  • 2x BU1 studs,
  • backpack BU1,
  • BU1 cap,
  • and many other prizes.

As every year, we have prepared a program for you in order to reveal the mysteries of goalkeeping to goalkeepers. Goalkeepers will be divided into groups of a maximum of 4 in a given age group or according to goalkeeping skill level so that we can focus on the goalies as much as possible.

During the week, we will train exercises focused on the technique of catching in the toes to passing with the feet, which is one of the key things for a goalkeeper in adult football these days.

There will be:

  • Physiotherapist who will focus on mobility and stretching + basics of yoga.
  • Professional fitness trainer and nutritionist
  • Like every year, league goalkeepers will come to train with the boys. After each of these trainings, we will have a meeting so that the guys can ask about the information that interests them from the world of professional foreign practices and trainings that these fighters went through.
  • Drinks and food provided in the restaurant, which is part of the football complex. (Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, second dinner.)
  • In our free time, we will use the hall where we can play any group sports, workout field, sauna, swimming pool.

One day we will take the boys on a hike outside Háj in Silesia to the mountains, so that they can rest from football for half a day.

We will compete for valuable prizes in the form of football quizzes, make video analyzes of our training sessions, we will also analyze the matches and training sessions of world goalkeepers (interventions, mistakes...)

If you are interested in our camp, contact us at

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