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Custom BU1 - MOL Vidi FC

29 Apr 2019

Thanks to the help of our friend and BU1 family member Tom Tujvel , who is having another successful season this year in Hungarian Székesfehérvár, we also got into the academy of the current Hungarian champion - MOL Vidi FC .

When a demand for glove production landed on our table for all the goalkeepers of the football academy in Videoton , we did not hesitate. It was necessary to create gloves that would not only look nice, but also be used by people from the lowest children's category , but also fighters who are slowly but surely getting ready to adult football . It should be noted that the members of the academy for whom the gloves were intended include goalkeepers of different age ranges .

That's why we wanted to create something universal . Something that will fit everyone, that can withstand demanding training units and that is not just for decoration. The graphic designer made a simple but eye-catching design with large team logo across the entire back of the glove and we used white in the production Contact Grip foam that ensures excellent properties in terms of durability. It was chosen as the cut of the gloves Hybrid Cut . This is the ideal mix between Negative Cut and Roll Finger cut. And we've added our favorite strap – double elastic .

The production of ideal gloves for players of different ages and proportions never before is not easy , but we hope that not only the fighters from the academy, but also Tomáš Tujvel, who oversaw the whole thing, will be satisfied. Finally, we would like to thank the entire team of champions from Hungary and its football school thank you and best of luck for the future .

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