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About our new product BU1 Neo Red

10 Apr 2019

The football world has woken up from its hibernation and is running like clockwork. Those of you who need new equipment for your collection should pay attention. We launched a new model on the market. A model that is already praised by a large number of goalkeepers and goalkeepers.

What are they?

BU1 Neo Red is the full name of the brand new model, which is based both on the Signal collection and on old seasoned classics. The name itself suggests that there will be gloves really unmissable . They fit perfectly in a set with a red or black set, but they also look amazing with other color combinations. On the other hand, the word Neo tells us that it is something new . Something that hasn't been here before.

What will amaze?

As already said, the model is based on the old ones Negative Cut pieces, at the same time he also took a relatively large part of the favorites Signal . Again, we were concerned with creating gloves that would they pressed against the skin as much as possible goalkeeper, thus ensuring maximum feel and comfort in the gloves. In addition, this time we smoothed out the NC cut so much that it is really in the glove minimum space for any unwanted movement . In addition, the entire body of the glove is made of neoprene , so it not only perfectly holds its shape on the hand throughout the match or training, but at the same time the upper part has incredible durability and you also don't have to worry about losing the expressiveness of the colors. Those with hawk eyes must have noticed that I am wearing gloves the plastic end with the BU1 logo on the bandage is missing . It was the one that partially hindered some of you during clamping. Thanks to its removal, the glove is now even narrower than before. For better hitting high balls, especially when wet, there is rubber on the upper side of the fingers, which also helps with hard shots that threaten the knuckles. 4 millimeter thick Contact Grip foam it is just the icing on the cake because it has excellent properties for all weather conditions and its durability is really great, at least in our opinion.

Are they really that special?

Unfortunately, we can't cut it for you. However, the sales numbers could give you a clue. This model is for almost sold out the first weekend! Maybe like that Přema Kovář immediately took them to the show and caught the entire Mol Cup quarter-final match against Karviná with them. And not only to him, but also to other goalkeepers who trust our brand, we would like a lot thank you for such interest . We really didn't expect anything like that. Thanks!

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