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BU1 and FC Barca Academy in Hungary

17 Oct 2019

We are happy to show you another collaboration that we would like to be proud of.

These are custom made gloves for the famous academy FC Barcelona in Hungary, which he leads Vukasin Poleksic . Vukasin is a former representative of Montenegro, he has started in the Italian Serie A, the Europa League and the Champions League, so the goalkeepers of this academy are well taken care of and experience is passed on to them by a really great goalkeeper.

We produced two models for the academy, both based on FC Barcelona kits - home and away kits. This is what the 2D and 3D designs looked like:

The gloves were made with foam Contact grip , double strap and v Hybrid NC cutters . And this is what they look like in real life:

We are really proud that we manage to establish contacts in really great academies and that the goalkeepers are happy with our gloves.

Academy website (but you probably won't read much :-)) –

Otherwise, if you want custom gloves for your club, you can take a look here:

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