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World Cup 2018

14 Jun 2018

Even though our gloves probably won't appear at the World Cup 2018 in Russia, we definitely have to at least mention such a big holiday.

What did the first weekend of the World Cup bring especially for goalkeepers?

According to tradition, this year's World Cup was started by the home Russians, who played a fantastic match against the almost toothless Saudis. Despite the fact that Russia and Saudi Arabia are the weakest teams of the championship, at least according to the coefficient, the match ended with a hockey score of 5:0. Who would have expected then that it was not the only surprising result of the championship.

During the first days, we witnessed some beautiful goals. Coutinho, Kolarov, Ronaldo - this trio of scorers is especially worth mentioning, two of whom scored more than brilliantly from free kicks. However, we also saw many great interventions. For example, Iceland's Hannes Halldorsson or Mohamed El Shenawy from Egypt caught great matches, while the Germans were caught by Mexican Ochoa for a change. On the other hand, preliminary candidate for the Golden Glove David de Gea made a mistake, and even Champions League winner Keylor Navas, whose Costa Rica lost to Serbia 0-1 after Kolarov's free kick, was certainly not effective either. However, we cannot evaluate all these goalkeepers properly yet, the evaluation will be better after the completion of the group phase and the beginning of the elimination part. That's where it will be shown who came to the tournament in great form, who was just lucky in the opening matches and who will completely avoid the form at the end of the football year.

Well, we wish you to properly enjoy this wonderful football holiday, we believe that the best will win, and maybe thanks to you our gloves will one day look at just such a wonderful championship as this year's in Russia. Even if only from the stands. :)

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