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Who catches in BU1 gloves in the 1st Czech Football League?

03 Feb 2018

Transfers have calmed down a bit in the 1st Czech Football League, so we did the work and bring you a complete list of goalkeepers who catch with our BU1 gloves and who you will be able to see in league matches in stadiums or on TV. We counted 13 of them :-) A beautiful number, isn't it?

We are very happy that the BU1 brand is one of the most represented in our league for spring 2018.

List of teams and goalkeepers who catch in BU1:

Slavia Prague – Přemysl Kovář, Martin Otáhal
Olomouc – Miloš Buchta
Teplice – Jakub Diviš, Jan Plachý
Dukla – Filip Rada, Matúš Hruška
Boleslav – Jan Šeda, Martin Jedlička
Karviná – Martin Pastornický, Jiří Ciupa
Miner – Jan Laštůvka
Jihlava – Roman Valeš

We are also preparing an overview for you from the 2nd league and from abroad. So that you can see that really good goalkeepers rely on BU1. We will also update the page at the same time Our goalkeepers .

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