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Special model for Dušan Kuciak

15 Mar 2018

Dušan Kuciak is another goalkeeper who catches in BU1 gloves, catches in Poland, for club Lechia Gdansk , he played 10 games for the Slovak national team.

Dušan wanted to make gloves exactly according to his requirements, so we put our heads together and this beautiful model came out of it.

Graphic Design: Black back of hand with large Lechia Gdansk logo
Material and foam: Black Contact Grip
Wrist Clasp: Our latest double black that has been printed with initials.

Dušan had a special wish, he wanted to solve the sewing of the thumb in a slightly different way, so that the seam wouldn't press him, which we were able to do.

And this is how he evaluated the gloves: " They are perfect, they fit perfectly... I will try them on in training tomorrow ."

Well, after training he wrote: " One word: FANTASY 👏🏼👍🏼 "

We are happy to be able to make you happy!

If you also want your own customized gloves, take a look at the page Gloves to order , where you will learn all the necessary information.

Dušan Kuciak's Instagram:

Instagram Lechia Gdansk:

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