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Roman Valeš starts catching in BU1

10 Nov 2016

We would like to welcome a new member to our family. He is Roman Valeš from FK Jablonec .

He worked in the youth teams of Slavia Prague until he went on loan to FK Čáslav (autumn 2009) and then to FC Hlučín (spring 2010). He performed well and in the summer of 2010, coach Karel Jarolím chose him for the A-team of Slavia for a trial. In January 2011, he transferred to Jablonec, where he made his debut in the Gambrinus league in March.

We are happy that he will promote BU1 on the Czech league lawns and we wish him that our gloves stick to him :-)

In the photo, Roman is a model BU1 All White NC .

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