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New model series BU1 Signal

31 Jul 2018

After months of development, we are now presenting you with a completely new model line, which is quite different from our other gloves. At first glance, it is clear that these gloves are not for everyone.

The new season is starting soon. Breakthrough season. Since winter, we have been developing gloves that will be quite different from our previous models. We took only the best of them, created a special fit, improved comfort and invented a completely new design. The final product is something completely new. Something we haven't had before.

Finger cut

We carried the unique cut in our heads for more than half a year. The first hints of the new model line appeared already in January. Our goal was to create a glove that would provide maximum comfort and raise catching properties to a new level, so after months of development we came up with an as yet unnamed hybrid cut that helps prevent the ball from slipping out and is insanely comfortable - no seams on the knuckles, no extra material. We achieved this by making the fastening seam start between the fingers and end in a J-shape so that the feeling in the glove is as good as possible. The middle fingers are sewn into the classic Negative Cut cut, which allows for a great feeling when catching.

BU1 Signal cut

BU1 Signal cut


We didn't skimp here, we just used the best we have. 4 millimeter thick latex tested by goalkeepers from all over the world. The difference between the models is not only in the color, the pink gloves have Giga Grip foam, the gray ones have Contact Grip foam - more information about the properties of our latex in the article How to choose the right gloves.

BU1 Signal Gray

BU1 Signal Gray

Glove body

The back of the glove is from of a special woven material with lycra , which allowed us to make the new sleeves lighter and more breathable. The clever design color combination of black/pink and white remotely resembles the image of a television without a signal, which is why we received a response from one of you on our Facebook that the model could be named "Signal". Beneath the upper fabric is a 6-millimeter-thick latex that protects the hand, but thanks to its ergonomics, the gloves are still comfortable and pleasant. There is also flexible soft rubber on the fingers so that the ball does not slide when boxing and the goalkeeper's joints are safer. The BU1 logo and hashtag is printed from quality silicone. We also made the body as a whole longer and narrower so that it sits directly on the hand and the feel of the balloon is as good as possible. In order to slip the palm into the glove faster, there is a slit under the fastening strap, so putting on and taking off is not a lengthy process.

Buckle strap

The belt is double made of fabric , allows you to fix your hand perfectly and also protects your wrist during harder shots. We use this strap on many of our models, so as with other gloves it will be possible to print your own text.

The delivery date for these gloves is late August/September. You can pre-order here:

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