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Culinary adventures at the football stadium

23 Apr 2024

Culinary adventures at the football stadium

Football matches are not just about the game, but also about food and drinks. When you're watching an exciting match right at the stadium, you're likely to get hungry or simply feel the need to calm your nerves with some tasty treats. Join us on a culinary journey through the football world. You might be surprised that not all stadiums are dominated by sausages, burgers, and hot dogs in buns.

Europe with the scent of sausages

Europe's passion for sports is evidenced by the presence of approximately 630 football stadiums in 44 countries, each offering different tastes and cuisines. Thanks to diverse demand, there's a wide variety of football foods available at stadiums. Some prefer fried, some sweet, and surprisingly, a large number of fans opt for seeds during matches. Let's take a look at what constitutes the European snack during a football match.

  • In Albania, kebabs, patties, and beer dominate.
  • In Andorra, the stands rustle with bags full of seeds, called "bolsa de pipas."
  • At English stadiums, you'll be honored with beef tea and meat pies.
  • In Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Belarus, sunflower seeds are also nibbled.
  • In Belgium, a gourmet experience means chips with mayonnaise washed down with beer.
  • In Bulgaria, it depends on the season. Healthier sunflower seeds are enjoyed in the warmer months, but in the colder ones, hot dogs and meatballs are not scorned.
  • The Czech Republic competes in the sausage, hot dog, and, of course, beer category.
  • In Denmark, hunger is staved off mainly during halftime with a roll filled with two sausages, mustard, and ketchup.
  • In Estonia, common snacks include warm soup, garlic bread, hot dogs, and beef jerky.
  • Finland offers the best pre-match or match snacks, including grilled sausages with mild mustard. Coffee is the most common drink to accompany it. Beer is only rarely sold at large stadiums.
  • In France, kiosks offer both hot and cold dishes in the form of sandwiches and hot dogs.
  • In Brittany, stadiums boast a specialty called "galette-saucisse," a sausage sandwich. You'll enjoy the dish even more with a drink of apple cider.
  • At Croatian stadiums, you'll often hear the call "Koštice, kikiriky!" which means they're offering various seeds or peanuts.
  • German gastronomy offers its passionate fans countless variations. Among the most common and popular are large, salty dough knots called "preclíky." And of course, beloved sausages cannot be missing.
  • At Italian stadiums, the taste buds of fans are honored with sandwiches with "salamella" accompanied by grilled sausage with onions and peppers.
  • In Poland, you'll also find the most sausages and hot dogs.
  • In Portugal, the most popular is the bifanas sandwich with grilled pork steak, accompanied by mustard or another dressing. Also popular is the entremeadas sandwich with two or three pieces of meat, grilled bacon, mayonnaise or mustard, and the couratos sandwich made from grilled pork skin.
  • In Austria, among the typical European snacks at a football stadium are a schnitzel in a bun followed by cheese sausages.
  • In Slovakia, you'll find two versions of fans. Some favor sunflower seeds, while others prefer sausages and hot dogs.
  • In Spain, in addition to popular sunflower seeds, you'll find the typical Bocadillo de Calamares, which are squid rings in a baguette.
  • In Turkey, you'll satisfy your hungry stomachs with a sandwich with meatballs accompanied by a salty yogurt drink.

Asia, full of colors and diverse flavors

Asia, as the largest continent in the world, encompasses 48 countries with the highest population count and a wide range of diverse cuisines and cultures. Across Asian stadiums, you can discover unique flavor combinations and traditional dishes reflecting the specificities of each country. While watching a football match at an Asian stadium, fans witness exotic aromas and flavors that include sweet, spicy, sour, and many other variations. Various dishes based on fish, rice, curry, and exotic fruits are often offered.

  • In Russia, traditional sunflower seeds are a favorite dish to enjoy while watching football matches. Fans consider them cheap and nutritious food, often carrying them to games in bags. Another popular and hearty meal at Russian stadiums is kulebyaka, a traditional Russian dish made of baked dough filled with various combinations of meat, fish, vegetables, or cheeses.
  • At football stadiums in Japan, you can fill your tray with snacks of various flavors and colors. Grilled chicken skewers, called yakitori, are sold and loved for their tasty glaze and simplicity. Before or during halftime of a football match, fans also enjoy crispy takoyaki noodles filled with octopus, onion, and ginger.
  • South Korea offers fried chicken served with chili sauce and sweet mayonnaise as its most popular dish.

Africa with meat of all kinds

Africa, like the rest of the world, is home to highly esteemed sporting continents. Football matches are experienced here much more fervently than, for example, in Europe. Africans perceive matches as an opportunity to unwind from an otherwise challenging work life. And good food is part of the proper mental relaxation, although you'll find it only in selected places.

  • At South African stadiums, a common snack is a dish called biltong. This salty, smoked meat product closely resembles beef jerky and is made from various types of meat, including antelope and ostrich. Many sports arenas offer this nutritious snack either in sandwich form or on its own.
  • In Egypt, typical street foods appear at stadiums. Among the most famous is foul medames, which contains a spiced mixture of fava beans served in pita bread. Also popular are kofta kebabs, which are lamb or goat meatballs grilled on skewers.


Hungry fans on the American continent

In various parts of America, there are countless countries with rich histories and sporting achievements that attract large crowds of hungry fans known for their taste and passion for good refreshments.

  • Mexico stands out with its offering of street foods, which you can purchase even at stadiums. Among the most famous are empanadas, tacos, nachos, tostadas, and tortillas. Also available are fruits, beer, and coffee.
  • Brazilians know how to tune their fans into the taste orchestra. Among the delicious stadium foods typical of this country is feijão tropeiro, which consists of pinto beans cooked with bacon, garlic, onion, vegetables, and eggs.
  • In Canada, you will find mainly classic refreshments similar to those in the United States at stadiums. However, the French-speaking province of Quebec offers something extra. The popular delicacy poutine consists of twice-fried fries served with pieces of cheese curds, topped with a gravy sauce. You can complement it with bacon, pulled meat, blue cheese, onion, or peas.
  • It's probably no surprise that the traditional stadium food in the United States of America is the beloved hot dog. The traditional treat is served with various flavors, toppings, and sides, such as onions, pickles, cheese, ketchup, and mustard.

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