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Interview - Tomáš Tujvel

14 May 2018

After a short break, we have prepared for you another of the interviews with goalkeepers catching in our gloves. Today we will talk to Tomáš Tujvel, we will ask him a few questions about his childhood, career and plans for the future. And he didn't forget to tell us about the gloves he's wearing right now. :)

Hi Tom, you're the second goalkeeper we're posting an interview with, even so - you might be a bit of a distant name for some, so could you give us a brief introduction?

Hello, my name is Tomáš Tujvel, I was born in September 1983. I come from Nitra, Slovakia, where I also started my football career. I have been working professionally in Hungary since 2009. Here, with a little break, I caught almost my entire career so far. I'm currently playing for Videoton FC, with whom I won their first ever league title and got a peek into the Europa League.

So you are fishing beyond the Slovak borders. Is the Hungarian league a big qualitative difference compared to, for example, the Slovak one, which you already have sufficiently mapped out?

I certainly wouldn't say it's a big leap in quality. There are a lot of Hungarians in Slovakia as players and coaches, and in Hungary it's the other way around, which is why the style of play in Hungary is quite similar. Rather, it can be seen that Hungary has more inhabitants, the stadiums are bigger and the club has more sponsors. But the quality is very balanced.

Now let's get to your childhood. since when do you play football Are you a goalkeeper from the start?

I joined the department at the age of 6. Like everyone, I first played in the field with others, the coaches put me in the position of defender. I don't remember exactly the moment I got to the gate, it was more gradual. But the game between the sticks quickly caught my eye, so I decided to stay as a goalkeeper.

If you look back on your career so far, what are the best and worst moments?

Hard to point to one bad moment. I've had a lot of self-inflicted mistakes and goals - these are probably the worst moments in goal for any goalkeeper. On the contrary, I can only remember the year 10/11 as the best moment. That year we won the first ever title with Videoton, the celebrations were really crazy. I am really very glad that I could be there.

Do you follow other European leagues and goalkeepers?

Of course I'm watching. Lately, it's been harder to find two hours to watch a whole match, but even so, football is on my mind almost 24 hours a day. I am very happy to see the results from my homeland or the Czech Republic. I won't let you watch big competitions either. I watch a relatively large number of goalkeepers, whether it's the world's best or the Slovak league. Among the current names, I have incredible respect for Gigi Buffon, he is, in one word, a legend. Of all of them, however, I liked Edwin van der Sar the most.

Tomas Tujvel BU1

What do you do in your free time? Is there anything you do with as much passion as fishing?

Even though I don't have much time, I love hiking, camping and generally spending time in nature. It's relaxation and a hobby for me. It gives me a break from the things I think about almost all the time. But family comes first for me, I wouldn't trade anything for it, and my family is my greatest relaxation.

Do you have a bad trait or bad habit that comes with being a goalkeeper?

Like everyone, I also feel tension before an important match, but I have to say that the period when I was really stressed is long gone. I'm not even the explosive type, but sometimes I just explode. I guess I'm not very phlegmatic. But everyone makes mistakes, even the players in the field. It's the mistakes that make the difference, and if the team can support each other, it's certainly a lot better than cursing each other.

When and why did you start wearing BU1 gloves? Do they suit you?

I've fished with gloves from other brands for a long time, but they always lacked something. I once spoke with Dušan Kuciak, who mentioned BU1. I decided that I would definitely give nothing for the exam. Through an acquaintance, I got to Přemko Kovář, who provided me with the necessary information and contacts. Thanks to great communication and responsiveness, it didn't take long and I was wearing gloves for the first training session. I really liked the hybrid cut. I'm currently fishing in the Sunshine model and I have to admit that it sticks great!

Last question. Do you already know how you will spend your summer vacation?

I don't enjoy the summer vacation very much, the preparation starts already in mid-July. But I will definitely go abroad with my family by car, I also like that a lot if there are more free days. I'm going to enjoy my family and rest as much as I can, and then I can get back to what I love - football.

Tom, thank you very much for the nice interview. I wish you a great end to the season and much success in the future. Do you have any other words you would like to pass on to the readers?

Thank you very much for the pleasant interview, I also want to thank Peter and Luky many times for the great gloves, which are probably the best I've ever had. I can really recommend them to everyone. Durability, grip, clamping. I'm actually happy with everything these gloves have to offer. Don't be afraid to try them too.
At the same time, I would like to wish you all a nice rest of the season and a beautiful summer.

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