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How to choose gloves for Christmas?

14 Nov 2018

If you are the parent or grandparent of a small goalkeeper, or perhaps the girlfriend or wife of a large goalkeeper, you surely know that gloves as a gift will excite almost any defender of the football sanctuary. But what to do if the selection from the many types of this football equipment is for you a similar environment to a Spanish village? Do not despair, we will be happy to advise you!

Christmas time is inexorably approaching, so surely many of you or your loved ones are thinking about what the gift you give to others should look like. It is easy. It should have a use, it should surprise, but above all it should please.
Well, our gloves meet exactly these criteria!

So how to do it?

The whole basis is selection the right size and cut. Just like with shoes or jerseys, you can't choose based on looks alone. You can find the size table and more detailed information on how gloves are divided by type in the article HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT GLOVES? . The easiest way to find out this information is to take things out of your loved one's bag after an exhausting training session or a successful match. The size of the gloves is written on the label under the belt and you can recognize the cut type at a glance, just don't get it wrong!

Another very important point when buying a Christmas present is to choose the right kind of model range . Some differ at first glance, with some the only difference is the type of latex used. More detailed information can be found with each of the products. In any case, choose carefully, look at the details and carefully read the labels and reviews. Of course, you can also involve a more attentive female eye. Do you know what jersey and boots your athlete wears? There's nothing better than getting him gloves that match the color of the outfit!

If you still don't know, don't be afraid to contact us at Facebook , we will be happy to advise you. And if you still don't know how to choose gloves for Christmas, buy ours gift coupons and let the gifted person choose for himself in our e-shop after Christmas.

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