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Gloves for Juventus Academy Los Angeles

04 Oct 2019

Hello, hello, we are really happy to be able to boast such a reference Juventus Academy Los Angeles . The owner of this academy is famous Alessandro Del Piero , you know him, don't you? :-)

We wanted to come up with the design of the gloves in such a way that it is absolutely obvious that these are gloves associated with the famous club from Turin. From the many proposals and ideas, we finally selected after agreement with the director of the academy Georgi Hristov, and this is how the 3D and 2D proposals looked:

The production of several dozen pairs took 4 weeks and this is what the final gloves look like:

By agreement, gloves are made to measure with double strap and the foams were mixed as the particular goalkeepers envisioned. Some wanted to Contact Grip, others Giga Grip , cuts were also different - for some Negative Cut , for others Hybrid NC .

What do you think? Do you like it?

If you would also like gloves for yourself or your club to suit you? Order or read:

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