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Frequently Asked Questions

24 May 2018

We are very happy to answer your questions. In the following article, we have answered your most frequent and most interesting questions in detail. You will learn something about us, find out what our work is all about, and we will also tell you what we have in store for you in the future.

Who are we and what led us to found BU1?

We are two guys from Opava who decided to change the goalkeeper glove market. We catch ourselves, but neither of us was happy with the gloves we were using. So we tried making a few custom pairs for ourselves and our friends, which we were extremely happy with. And so we decided that we want to offer gloves to all of you. Lukáš has several e-shops behind him and is winning the third league for Petřkovice. Petr is a consultant in the field of processes, a trainer, a lecturer, and also has several online stores. He takes the regional championship for Haj in Silesia.

What is our greatest achievement so far and what do we value most?

It's hard to say, but we get the most joy when we receive a nice message or photo from the goalkeepers who catch with our gloves. It is also amazing that we receive orders from other countries, sometimes even continents. But most of all, we are happy that our wish is coming true, that guys from the lowest league and professionals who catch in the first league will be catching in the same gloves.

What makes us a competitor of big brands?

We pay a lot of attention to our customers, we try to respond quickly to all messages, questions and e-mails, although it is true that there have been a lot of them lately and some of the messages are really worth it. We like to post your photos on Facebook and Instagram as proof that we appreciate each new order. We simply love our work and we are really happy that many goalkeepers from the Czech Republic and abroad trust our gloves.

What is our motivation and spark at work?

We love seeing goalkeepers with our gloves. Whether it's on TV or at various schoolboy tournaments. We also get a great feeling when an email comes with the subject "New Order" and we can get to work... We enjoy creating new models, innovating and inventing gadgets that will improve both gameplay and appearance.

What are our future plans?

We would like to release a new model every six months. Of course, we are also planning smaller innovations, although there is nothing that we consider unnecessary or in the way yet. We would also very much like to enrich the assortment with t-shirts, which will be added to the caps in the near future. Our long-term plan is to create a full-fledged goalkeeper community where you can read interesting articles or interviews, watch interesting videos or chat with other goalkeepers. By the way, you can join this Facebook group here . We have a lot of plans in our heads, but we don't like to get ahead of ourselves. But we can promise that you really have something to look forward to!

Finally, we would like to thank you all very much for your trust. We greatly appreciate each new order and we also hope that you are extremely satisfied with your gloves or other equipment.

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