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The football season is slowly coming to an end

10 Jun 2018

Promotions, falls, matches won and lost, exhibition and even matches, beautiful saves and missed. All this accompanied most of you, our fans, this season. But what did we do this football year? The list of goalkeepers catching in our gloves has grown. So let's introduce them more closely!

Dušan Kuciak

Dušan Kuciak in his “Lechia¨ model

No doubt many of you have noticed that the family BU 1 continues to grow every month. We are incredibly happy that more and more goalkeepers from our league, as well as from abroad, trust our gloves. And despite the fact that we pride ourselves on appreciating everyone who catches in our gloves, whether they catch in the first league or the district championship for pupils, it is nice to see that even a lot of professionals are not afraid to try something new. We managed to step right into Slovaks and Polish waters, mainly thanks to the legend of Slovak football - Dushan Kuciak . He catches in Polish Lechii Gdańsk , where he shows his colleagues north of home Žiliny , what an ace he is. On the other hand, south of the Slovak border, his friend had a successful season this year Tomáš Tujvel , who with Hungarian Videotone FC won the league .

Buchtič became the best goalkeeper of the HET league

Anyone who watched the Czech league was certainly impressed by the goalkeeper Olomouc Sigma  Miloš Buchta . He happened the best goalkeeper of the HET league , so this award can be added to the titles of the best goalkeeper of Slovakia in 2005 and the best goalkeeper of Romania in 2010 . He also had a great season Přemysl Kovář , who Slavia Prague won Czech Cup . Honza Laštůvek fulfilled his personal goal, his Baník remained in the first league and he was most involved in it picked up zeros in the season . With our Slovak neighbors, he also performed brilliantly Dominik Holec , who has kept himself in amazing shape for a long time and thus helped k saving the FK Senica team in the first Slovak league .

Alban Hoxha

Alban Hoxha in the jersey of the Albanian rep

But we cannot forget our goalkeepers in second league . Trio Thumbelina, Kvétoň and Boháč they showed themselves in a great light, both statistically and with their game, and they can also consider this season a very successful one. Last but not least, we must mention the Albanian representative Alban Hoxha . Another foreign player who believes in our gloves is Buran Ogur from Turkey. His team, Umraniyespor , eliminated in the playoffs by the first Turkish league .

But what pleases us the most is confidence of young goalkeepers . Among the guys with a great future catching in the gloves of our brand, there is mainly a quartet Hemlock , Janacek , Netolička and Shy . They show us more and more that Czech football does not have to worry about a lack of quality goalkeepers in the future.

Martin in Camo model

Well, and because there wasn't a page in the half season that passed Our goalkeepers updated, it's time to give it a proper refresh. From now on, you will find there not only goalkeepers playing in our highest league, but also a lot of other guys, either from abroad, from the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

And finally, we want to thank you all very much for your extreme support and trust. We are preparing a lot of news for the next season, but we don't want to reveal the details yet. But you really have something to look forward to. Good luck with football and we hope that you consider your season even more successful than we consider ours!

Thanks to all!

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