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Cheap and cheaper BU1 goalkeeper gloves

06 Feb 2023

Introducing the BU1 bazaar. Cheaper BU1 gloves at a lower price that you can use for training or matches if you don't want to buy brand new. The gloves are perhaps only after a photo shoot, or with some small defect. We constantly keep the file up to date.

If you would like any of this, let us know at our e-mail, write:

To subject : BU1 bazaar and glove ID from file

In the body of the email: Gloves ID, exact address, phone number for the courier and whether you want to pay to the account in advance or cash on delivery (+50 CZK)


Postage to the Czech Republic: 90 CZK

Postage SR: 5 EUR


Payment in advance: CZK 0

Cash on delivery 50 CZK / 2 EUR

You can find an updated list of gloves in Google sheets under the button below:

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