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BU1 special models

13 Dec 2017

Lukáš and I got carried away and therefore we are happy to announce 3 new special models. They are very limited and may never be available again.

One pair costs CZK 1,690 including VAT and all 3 models are available in NC and Hybrid NC cuts (if you don't know which cut to choose, try looking at our advice on how to choose the right gloves )

BU1 Sunshine

NC cut: BU1 Sunshine NC cut
Hybrid cut: BU1 Sunshine Hybrid cut

BU1 Camo

NC cut: BU1 Camo NC cut
Hybrid cut: BU1 Camo Hybrid cut

BU1 Danger

NC cut: BU1 Danger NC cut
Hybrid cut: BU1 Danger Hybrid cut

If you want to help us, write what you think about the models and share with your friends. I will be happy!

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