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08 May 2017

You can now buy our BU1 gloves in Sportfotbale. In the biggest goalkeeper special, you can choose from a wide selection of BU1 gloves. You can find the range of BU1 goalkeeper gloves at the brick-and-mortar store in Prague and at the new e-shop.

Sports football

SportFotbal is a football specialty consisting of an online and brick-and-mortar store with a complete assortment offering all football and futsal equipment for clubs and individuals.

The newly renovated brick store is located in Prague 10 and has 400 m2. The three-floor store is clearly divided into individual sections – player section, club section, children's section, fan shop and goalkeeper special.

SportFotbal also has its own graphic studio, where you can have your football boots embroidered or your jersey printed.

Sports football

Sports football

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