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Wir kooperieren jetzt mit der Marek Hamsik Football Academy - RSC Hamsik Academy

27 Nov 2023

We are excited to share our new thrilling collaboration with the football academy of Marek Hamšík. We have entered into a partnership with the academy associated with historically the best footballer of our Slovak neighbors, Marek Hamšík.

Hamšík: Success, Leadership, Legend

During his time at Napoli, Marek became one of the most successful players in the club's history, known for his abilities in midfield. In 2020, he transferred to the Chinese club Dalian Professional FC, continuing his professional football journey. After a stellar career on the pitch, Marek Hamšík transitioned to the leadership of his hometown club, FK Jupi Banská Bystrica, which is now known as RSC Hamsik Academy.


The Academy: More Than Just Football

Our decision to collaborate was influenced by the philosophy emphasized by this football academy. It doesn't solely focus on improving the football skills of its players but also emphasizes theoretical and practical knowledge in areas such as regeneration, rehabilitation, and sports psychology. The partnership between our team and the RSC Hamsik Academy provides us with a unique opportunity to support the development of football talents and contribute to their successful future both on and off the pitc

The custom model BU1 Light

Recently, we had the honor of delivering 41 pairs of custom goalkeeper gloves to the academy's leadership. Our latest custom goalkeeper gloves are exactly what the future stars of football need. Based on thorough research, they are designed to provide players with exceptional control, comfort, and protection on the field. Well-thought-out details, selected materials, and a tailored fit will help goalkeepers deliver maximum performance. We expect our gloves to help goalkeepers at the RSC Hamsik Academy improve their skills and reach their potential. Together, we strive for success on the field! We are excited about what lies ahead and look forward to the journey towards footballing achievements and the development of young players.

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